Lately I can’t get enough of the “Pain Perspective” EP from For the Likes of You. 

I’ve had their single, “Rot With Me”, in steady rotation for such a long time that I’m surprised I wasn’t aware of this release sooner. In any case - the dynamic vocals still deliver, the production is squeaky-clean, and I’ll take downtuned chugging over typical wheedly metal guitar any day. 

The most exciting aspect of this EP is the introduction of some trap / lo-fi elements into the mix, particularly in the second track: “Even in Death”. There’s still untapped potential as far as integration is concerned, but this is one of the most successful attempts I’ve heard at this particular blend since Oceans Ate Alaska’s “Metamorphosis”. In any case, I hope lo-fi deathcore continues to evolve and eventually take off, even if the audience is exceedingly niche.

And a caveat here - I’m usually quick to recommend my favorite media to other people, but if you’re not a fan of heavy music, this EP won’t be for you.